Ditch Plastic Straws & Save Our Environment


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Everyday plastic straws are used in America daily. Unfortunately, when discarded, they can create negative environmental impacts. These straws find their way into our oceans, leading to devastating consequences on sea life and our environment. Research predicts that plastic straws are on track to outnumber fish in the ocean by 2050.

We at Pasta Straw™️ are proud to provide you with a natural alternative for your customers. An innovative way to engage your customers with a quality substitute while promoting your environmental awareness and care.
Order your Pasta Straw™️ today. Let’s make the change happen with one straw at a time.

The Incredible Pasta Straw!

Who knew that a food product could solve one of the worlds biggest plastic pollution problems. Over 500 million plastic straws are used everyday, that’s 183 Billion a year ! and that’s just in the USA. Who would have imagined that this problem could be solved with a simple piece of Pasta. That’s right - flour and water! So join with us and help end this environmental nightmare one straw at a time!!

The Incredible Paradise Cove Malibu Pasta Straw
Invented in Paradise – Made in Italy
Soon to be used the world over!

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